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Miss I-Doll is an explosive one-actress-one-pianist roaring musical comedy that sees one performer playing several characters gathering in a grotesque situation: the final of a reality show, streamed on National TV where contradictions and nonsenses of our time shamelessly emerge. It is a funny and fast pace dark comedy about a young woman who wants to reclaim her identity and power in a deceptive and not-so-inclusive-as-it-seems-to-be society driven by shallow and unrealistic media-generated standards. Miss I-Doll is a modern tale of capitalism gone wrong, a rollercoaster of satire, laughter and pop music.

Miss I-Doll was presented at Seven Dials Playhouse on 21st July 2023 starring Georgina Castle and directed by Ruthie Stephens.

Miss I-Doll is now ready for a full production in 2024. 

Miss I-Doll, Georgina Castle, Seven Dials Playhouse, July 2023.

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