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Simran: a young Indian woman.
Her boyfriend: black.
Her family: disapproving.
Her friend: honour-killed.

After a tube journey to the airport reflecting on the great philosophical phenomena of the world: the trolley problem, whether sandwiches should be cut down the middle or diagonally, and the validity of tonic water, as well as the friend she lost to honour-based violence, Simran must answer some life-changing questions: Will she and her boyfriend be able to live happily and safely together? Or will the looming threat of violence and leaving everything they know behind in London cause them to crumble?


Lost in Theatreland

“It was powerful, moving, and shocking. And it broke my heart”

“Writer and actor Jassi puts herself through all the emotions each night, and I cannot even begin to understand how that must feel. Her energy is remarkable from the first time she begins to speak to the moments the lights go out at the end of the show”

“The soft but strong voice of Ahana Hundal is so incredibly well-paired with the script and sets additional accents to the performance which I highly enjoyed”.

“The show left me shaken and speechless”.

Honour Bound, Zahra Jassi, VAULT Festival 2023.

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