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ph Mariano Gobbi

Gio has never felt accepted - not by parents, teachers or peers, too busy spreading vicious rumours to understand he’s reaching breaking point. Gio decides to disappear and hide out in a secluded cave, where his popular classmate Mirko accidentally discovers him. Gio enlists him as an accomplice, begging him to preserve his secret despite the media frenzy over his disappearance. In the cave, the boys embark on an unexpected, touching journey towards self-discovery and acceptance, setting in motion a series of dark consequences. What does it take to accept yourself when nobody else does? 

HIDE and SEEK it is ready for its off-west-end transfer at Park Theatre from 12 to 30 March 2024!


Lost in Theatreland

"A gut-punch work. Dispassionate response is an impossibility. Rossi skillfully transmits every action as a convincing part of a savage, despairing world view. The actors are to be commended; both fiercely communicate the tangle of torment and allure that binds the young men. Director Carlotta Brentan equally maintains an intensity across the 75-minutes in both the quiet and clamorous moments." 



"Tobia Rossi has impeccable aim as a playwright. The colloquial, socially aware dialogue unfolds naturally under Carlotta Brentan's direction and English translation. Issam Al Ghussain and Nico Cetrulo are strikingly honest performers who elevate intriguing, complicated characters. The piece twists and turns unpredictably with thought-provoking observations and a heartbreaking foundation. This is a company to watch." 


London Theatre Reviews

"One of the best shows of this year's VAULT Festival, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats for 75 minutes. Nico Cetrulo & Issam Al Ghussain have great chemistry, and create an immediate connection with the audience. It's one of those plays that will stay with you for a long time."

Credits Mariano Gobbi

Originally ​written by Tobia Rossi in Italian with the title Nascondino, the play won the 2019 Mario Fratti Award at In Scena! Italian Theater Festival and in May 2022 Kairos Italy Theater and The Tank produced the Worldwide premiere of the English translation at The Tank NYC, translated and directed by Carlotta Brentan.

HIDE and SEEK was presented in London at VAULT Festival under the patronage of the Consulate General of Italy and the Italian Cultural Institute in London.


Special thanks to: Il Circolo - Italian Cultural Association, The Sylvia Waddilove Foundation UK, Com.It.Es di Londra and BIS - British Italian Society, Gendered Intelligence, Laura Caparrotti and Lorenzo Mannelli and the many supporters from our crowdfunding campaign.


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